7 Grammar and Vocabulary Practice


  1. Match the picture to the corresponding word:

       2. Listen to the following recordings and then write down what you hear 


  1.  Translate the following sentences:

2. Using an online Arabic textbook translate the following words. Your first steps should be identifying the root and the pattern. Then click the search bar on the upper right corner of the dictionary to search the three root letters. After finding the root, locate the correct pattern  (classified with roman numerals) and write down the translations.

  1. يقبل
  2. يتطوّر
  3. يمارس
  4. يشارك
  5. يتخرج
  6. يتولّى

Online Arabic Dictionary:(https://ejtaal.net/aa/#hw4=1301,ll=3066,ls=82,la=4920,sg=1252,ha=906,br=1072,pr=171,aan=742,mgf=869,vi=392,kz=3008,mr=806,mn=1582,uqw=1902,umr=1196,ums=1008,umj=961,ulq=1832,uqa=460,uqq=444,bdw=h974,amr=h709,asb=h1100,auh=h1779,dhq=h622,mht=h986,msb=h265,tla=h100,amj=h1051,ens=h482,mis=h1318)


  1. Copy the following chart on a separate piece of paper and complete it using the pattern charts from the chapter as a reference.
المصدر المضارع الماضي الوزن الخبر
أَفعَلْ IV ر س ل
يستخدم أستفعل X
البداية بدأ
يفعل I ن ج ح
المفامرة يفكر

2.  Write a sentence using each of the words given below:

  1. أفضل
  2. مقابلة وظيفة
  3. زميل/ة
  4. الفصل الأول
  5. الخبرات المتعلقة
  6. شركة
  7. يوظف
  8. يشارك
  9. في رأي



  1. Listen to the following video one time through, try to understand the meaning and how to respond to each question according to the professor. Then go back and watch the video a second time, responding to each question as if you were being interviewed.

2. Watch the following Youtube video of an interview in Arabic. Try to understand as much as possible without help. It’s more important to grasp general concepts as opposed to specific ones.



  1.  Explain your academic and career goals. For example, what are you studying, why, and what do you want to do. You can either write a paragraph or two or create a diagram showing your education options and progress. Make sure to use the vocabulary and at least two grammar concepts from this unit.



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