Sample PLA Resume 3

[Student Information Redacted]

PLA Resume

Selected Accomplishments:

  • College /Career Advisor 4 years
  • IEP and 504 Accommodations Secretary 3 years
  • Part of the Counseling team at [Anonymous] High School for 4 years
  • In Bearing Precious Seed ministry for 20 years, co-lead for 12 years
  • Treasure Valley Baptist Church High School/Junior High Leader  for 15 years
  • Advanced Placement Exam Coordinator for 4 years
  • Advanced Opportunities Coordinator for 4 years
Skill, Expertise, or College-level Learning Source of Learning Learning Experience, Duty, Achievement, or Activity Dates
Management and Leadership Manage 10+ people at Treasure Valley Baptist Church in the Bearing Precious Seed ministry Manufacturing of estimated one million John/Romans in various languages 2009 – present
Youth Leaders for numerous middle and high school kids, every Sunday, various volunteer work, and 2 camps every year 2005-2020
College/Career Advisor at [Anonymous] High School to about 1,300 high school students yearly, meeting state standards for 4 year plans 2017 – present
Advanced Placement Coordinator – handled the ordering, distribution, and organization of approximately 200 AP exams a year 2017 – present
Advanced Opportunities Coordinator – Handled Advanced Opportunities accounts for 1,701 students. This includes approving accounts and troubleshooting 2017 – present
Requested and approved funding for 8,631 dual credits for college totalling $669,074 2017 – present
Communications College/Career advisor to about 1,300 high school students yearly Numerous success stories: Naval Academy; DACA 2017 – present
Raised the number of LatinX students attendance to Leadership Conference from 2 in two years to 20 this year – which was maximum allowed 2020
504 and IEP Accommodations Secretary at [Anonymous] High School Made sure all student 504 and IEP files were current, scheduled meetings for counselors and parents. Communicated 504 findings to appropriate teachers. 2017 – 2020
Teamwork Nampa School District College/Career Advisors Created a 6 year plan for students’ goals, both academic and personal 2017 – present
Collaborated on career fairs for the 3 Nampa High Schools 2020 – 2021
[Anonymous] High Counselors Planned and implemented activities and gifts for Kindness Week for staff and students Yearly from 2017 – present
Worked together to meet the needs of Columbia’s students 2017 – 2020
Innovation College/Career Advisor at [Anonymous]  High School Due to COVID, completely revamped College Application Week and held it online for all seniors

Reconfigured Higher Education Day for Juniors

Implemented college representative zooms for all students on Wednesdays, used S’more and Remind to send notifications to students

Created more college conversation starters with “Road Maps” for every staff member. I designed a fun sign that went outside of all staff doors that showed where they came from, what they wanted to be, and how that evolved over the years and the route that they took to get to where they are today.

2020 – present


Training Conducted ASCD Leadership Summit Course in Engaging Open Dialogue that Drives Cultural Competency

How to Remain a Positive, Balanced and Productive Leader Despite Sudden Change

Reducing Racial Disparities in Education and Health

Building Relationships in the Digital Age

GenZ Attitudes and Foundational Skills for the Jobs of 2030

Steps to Promoting Good Mental Health and Resiliency

Do Less, Be More: Strategies to Decrease Stress, Increase Productivity, and Avid Burnout

SafeSchools Training Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff

Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student

FERPA: Confidentiality of Records

Bullying: Recognition and Response

Yearly from 2017 – present
Nampa School District McKinney Vento/Migrant 2017 – present
College of Idaho – Arnoldo Hernandez and Adan DeLaPaz The Pursuit of Inclusive Excellence 2020
College of Western Idaho The LatinX Dream: Supporting Students ‘ transition from High School to College 2020



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