32 Demonstration of Learning for MDS 450: Teamwork and Innovation

MDS 450 Demonstration of Learning Questions

  • Explain the difference between a work group and a work team. When should an organization use a team?
  • Tell me about the 4 stages of team development and explain emotional and behavioral characteristics of each stage. What are the potential pitfalls in each stage? How do you move to the next stage? Use personal examples.
  • Describe both developmental and detrimental behaviors of team members. Provide examples of your own behaviors that developed team unity and behaviors that were detrimental to team unity.
  • Explain how diversity affects team effectiveness.
  • Explain a best practice for providing performance feedback directly to a teammate that is not meeting expectations. This is peer to peer feedback, not leader to employee feedback. Provide one example where you delivered direct feedback to a non-performing team member and describe what you learned from that interaction.
  • Identify 2 examples of why a team member might stop participating. Explain what the team should do to bring that team member back into the fold.
  • What is the difference between creativity and innovation?
  • Explain the role of creativity in organizational success. What inhibits creativity at work? What promotes creativity? Describe one behavior you do that could inhibit team creativity and one that could promote team creativity.
  • Describe a Team Problem Solving tool. Provide a personal example of team problem solving and explain what you learned from that experience. Describe at least one thing you would do differently the next time you are problem solving as a team.
  • Describe 3 tools or techniques that a team can use to generate creative/innovative ideas.
    Describe a personal experience of a team creative process. What did you learn from that experience?


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