34 Numberless Chapters & Invisible Parts

Numberless Chapters and Invisible Parts are very specific options, but when you need them, they are indispensable. Here’s what they are about and how you use them.

Numberless Chapters

In the chapter editor, you can select “Numberless Chapter” under “Chapter Types” on the right-hand menu. You would do this when:

  1. You  have enabled Display Chapter Numbers (which automatically numbers your chapters).
  2. You have a handful of chapters to which you do not want to apply numbers.

This will result in a Table of Contents something like this:

1. A Great Chapter
2. Another Great Chapter
A Numberless Chapter
3. A Wonderful Chapter

… and applies to the TOC as well as the chapter heading.

Using a similar approach, we’ve implemented Invisible Parts.

Invisible Parts

Once you go to edit your part, you can select “Invisible Part” as a Part type in the Edit Part admin. You would do this when:

  1. You have a book made of parts.
  2. You have some chapters that you want to sit outside of one of a part (e.g. chapters that are not front-matter, but also are not contained in a main body part).

So your TOC might look like this:


1. A First Chapter
2. Another Chapter

3. A Third Chapter
4. Yet One More Chapter

5. A Fifth Chapter


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