10 Beliefs of An Anti-Racist


1. Recognize who you are and how your life experiences have colored the lens through which you view society. Be honest about who you are and what you think and believe.

Question: What do you think this means?

2. You must know what an anti-racist is.

Question: What do you think an anti-racist is? Racism was done on purpose and it must be un-done on purpose.

3. You must believe that all people are created equally. This includes doing more than just saying it. It includes living it.

Question: What do you think I mean when I say living it and not just saying it?

4. You must be brave and willing to be a social outcast.

Question: Why do you think being brave and willing to be an outcast is important?

5. You must be willing to think out of the box.

6. You must have knowledge of true history of how this country came to be. Knowledge is a tool. If history is wrong or distorted it becomes a weapon used by the group of people disseminating the wrong or distorted information about history.

Question: Why do you think this is so important to the people receiving wrong or
distorted information?

7. You must understand that racism cannot be perpetrated without power.

Question: Can you name the kinds of power it takes for racism to work?

8. You must understand the difference between covert racism and overt racism and the affects each has on the history of society.

9. Recognize people who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. These people would rather put up anti-racism posters on their walls and drink coffee from mugs with anti-racism slogans written on them, than do the work of an anti-racist. (Use Rexall store woman example)

10. Don’t think you need to take on the entire world. Use your anti-racism skills to conquer your own little worlds and then spiral outwards. Trying to conquer the entire world gets tiring and will burn you out.


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