The “Gap Tool” 

From slavery of the poor, to the lack of income by those who won’t admit they’re poor, the “Gap Tool” has always been a weapon of mass destruction, detonated by evil extremists. The “Gap Tool” is recognized by many names, such as, the haves versus the have nots, powerless middle class versus the disenfranchised minorities. And the “Gap Tool’s” sole purpose has always been to divide society. Once divided, society will start grasping for anyone who is willing to give them a reason why life is so bad, even if the reason is a lie. Whatever one might want to call it, “Gap Tool” conquers all within its sights. The “Gap Tool” goal is to stretch and divide society so far from each other that even when people try to correct it, it will never be the same. Every few years the “Gap Tool” must be brought out, in order for evil to gain ground. It’s a page from the Willie Lynch, school of obedient slaves. Doing horrible and vile things to the point where the victims accept any amount of release from the act. In fact, they will teach their children to obey the victimizer. Like me worrying so much about the lives of my sons, that I feel I must teach them to over-obey the police. I’m not talking about the normal respect good policemen deserve. I’m talking about having to obey to the point of feeling like the police are our masters, rather than civil servants who are paid via my taxes. That’s the “Gap Tool” at work.

Everyone, but especially Black people need to wake up. Whenever you hear someone say “Let’s make America great again”, know you’re hearing a code-phrase. Hatred has come like a thief in the night. It isn’t wearing horns or wagging a tail. In this age, hatred dresses up in suits and ties. Hatred wears designer heels and power outfits. Hatred is educated enough to know that its old language will no longer work. In fact, hatred stands in the gap of ever flowing troubles of society to widen the distance of peace and harmony. The strategy works on everything from racial strife to political party separation.

The “Gap Tool’s” dispenser’s job is to confuse those who feel that they have somehow been cheated out of what should be solely theirs. To them, civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights and even basic human rights, are all wrong. They just want America to go back to being great again.

Let’s just examine at what point and time America was so great that we should all want to go back to it. And who was America great for at that time? Let’s see, do Black people who want to go back to the time of slavery, or Jim Crow, lynching, and even worse police brutality? Do women want to go back to not having the vote, go back to when there were no laws for being beaten by their boyfriends or husbands; or the good old, unequal pay for the same job, dynasty?  Would Native people want to go back to reliving the breaking of every treaty made with them? Then again, Native people may want to go back before the Mayflower, when they owned this land. Do you think Chinese people want to go back to working hard on the railroads and living in cities underground? Do Japanese people want to go back to living in internment camps? White have-nots, are you ready to again, have most of the good opportunities go back to the wealthy Whites? Gay people, are you ready to go back into the closet? So, again I ask, who benefits from America being great, again? Come on, think hard, I’m sure the answer will eventually dawn upon you.

For those of you who only reply is, “Well if you don’t like it, leave it”, there simply are no words for you. I will say this once and for all, I love America. Not for her greatness but for her potential to be great. America has never been great to all of its citizens. Brave soldiers have fought all over the world because of the potential of America’s greatness. That’s not saying that for a young country we haven’t made great strides. We do a lot of things better than the rest of the world. However, loving fellow Americans who might have different skin color, religious beliefs, or may be of a different gender, have always been a thorn in the side of America’s potential greatness. And don’t forget to throw in the several other “-isms” and prejudices that keep many groups of people under thumb. To be honest, the reason we never seem to attain positive progress in these hideous “-ism” areas is because of that very, “love it or leave it” mentality. Ultimately this type of thinking warrants no real plan of action. When it comes to social change, no action, always produces no social change.

America is her people. America can only be great if her people are great. People can’t behave badly in America and still call it great. However, because there are some great people, most of them powerless, America has only the potential to be great. If, or when, the people of America decide to go from potential to reality and treat every man, woman, and child in America with respect and basic human dignity, then the world will truly see the greatness of America. Sadly, I don’t think that will ever happen because of the “Gap Tool”. It will be sent to separate us if we show any signs of coming together as a people. The last thing the minority super wealthy want to see is the majority non-wealthy thinking and communicating as a caring group of people. So, the “Gap Tool” is used, to keep people apart, to give a few of the non-wealthy, a taste of wealth. This gives many of the majority-poor a false sense of hope. It appeases us for a while.

The “Gap Tool” keeps doing its job by widening and exploiting the differences between groups of people in America. What’s interesting is how many people can’t see the “Gap Tool” at work. Like I mentioned before, if someone is talking about making American great AGAIN, that’s a clue to everyone who America hasn’t ever been great to in the first place. It’s also code for: we want things to be like they used to be when people of color, women and the poor, knew their places.

I think we have reached the when someone’s only purpose for using the “Gap Tool” is to watch America burn! So, America hear me and hear me well, beware of whom you elect to lead this potentially great nation. Following a Pied Piper down a dusty road of hatred and bigotry will take America to hellish existence to which there is no return. Most Americans will fight back against hatred in a suit. And while our civil war rages, like all the great empires before us, our enemies lay in wait, to defeat the once potential greatness of America.


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