Racism in Church

The most racist day of the week in America is Sunday. People divide themselves by skin color and go to church to supposedly worship the same God. They do this, even though history and geography tell us that Jesus wasn’t a blond hair blue eyed person. Most people living in the areas where Jesus lived, even today, have dark skin and hair of wool. Yet, American Christians have been taught that Jesus was White. This depiction is designed to make anyone who isn’t white, feel inferior. How can a person of color feel superior knowing that the Son of Man is White? I used to travel the back roads of Idaho speaking about racism and God’s love, at small churches. I can’t tell you how many well-meaning White Christians came up and told me how Jesus also loved me. They would say it as if the information had been hidden from me. Sometimes I could see the pastor roll his eyes, because he knew, I knew. This person’s White Christian superiority was flashing. It became apparent, that even in the realm of Christianity I was a second class. But, I was loved like a distant cousin, in the family of Christ. In my opinion, racism continues in the churches of America because many people in the church don’t read information outside of the Bible. The church in America lives by the letter of the Bible and not by the spirit. Churches in America are too busy encouraging obedience from their congregations and not encouraging their congregations to seek the love of God. They sit in the huddle (church service) hearing about God’s plan, but never break the huddle to run God’s plan. They wait to be told what to think and what to do. Racism in churches stem from believing in the God of America, rather than believing in the loving God of the Bible. This causes Christians to interpret passages only in terms of how the passage fits the limits of their loves. Therefore, their interpretations are oftentimes incorrect. I’m adding two essays about racism in the church. I’m doing so because I believe when real love, from real lovers of Christ prevails, our country will become a better place to live. Racism needs Christians to come out of the church (huddle) and run the play (God’s plan). And, because so many church people like Bible verses, I put some in the following article to let you know what I write comes from what has been written; not what I think. Do not be surprised if what is written in the Bible, contradicts what you think you know.


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