21 Key Takeaways: The PLA Resume

Key Takeaways

Your PLA Portfolio will inculde both a traditional resume and a PLA resume.

The traditional resume is based on chronology, with certain inherent assumptions and values. The PLA resume is based on skills, valuing the learning you’ve done.

Random or haphazard jumps in work history are de-emphasized in the PLA resume in favor of Expertise and Learning.

The PLA Resume has 4 columns:

Skill, Expertise, or College-level Learning Area

Source of Learning

Learning Experience, Duty, Achievement, or Activity


The format of the PLA resume should be a four-column table with the above headings. All final versions of the PLA resume will look similar, but each student will have a very different process for brainstorming, drafting, and writing their PLA resume.

While you will write a separate Educational Narrative for each course you’re challenging, the single PLA resume and single traditional resume will cover all the courses you’re challenging.



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