12 MDS 440: Project Management and Design

This is a new course challenge available for the BAS/MDS Program. As we are currently piloting this challenge, we will be using an equivalency model, requiring certifications and experience specifically in Project Management.

In order to challenge MDS 440: Project Management and Design, students must have earned either their CAPM or PMP certificate, plus have real-world experience in a professional position designated as Project Manager.

To challenge, students must display their CAPM or PMP certificate and write short essays describing their project management experience from different perspectives.

This requires students to have both certification and experience specifically in Project Management, working under the title of Project Manager or similar title. If you have questions about your qualifications or would like to talk through your experience, please reach out to your Instructor.

What this course is (and is not) about

We understand that many jobs require people to wear many hats, juggle many things, keep many plates spinning, and therefore make people into default managers of projects. However, this course is not about improvised project management. There is a special designation and skillset for Project Management that this course is about, and this challenge will require this specific experience, as well as certification in the field.

If you do not meet these requirements, you cannot challenge MDS 440 at this time. However, we will continue development of this challenge and you may become eligible to challenge it in future semesters.

Course Description


The course develops a foundation of concepts that support the project management process groups required for successful implementation and completion of a project. Principles and applied techniques of effective planning, communication, risk, schedule, and cost management are major themes discussed in this course.


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