Practical Research: A Basic Guide to Planning, Doing, and Writing


The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction to basic practical research. The contents of this book are not inclusive of all things ‘research’. However, the topics covered in this book have been selected to best present the ‘big picture’ regarding entry-level research and was specifically designed for emerging researchers with a background in clinical respiratory care.

How to approach this book

As you work to shift your perspective from a consumer of research to a contributor of research, it is likely that the scope of your interest in this process will grow beyond the context of this book. This book has been developed in a phasic approach to thinking, designing, and writing about research for the novice researcher:

Phase 1: Planning

Planning your approach to research is perhaps the most important step in the process. In this book, we’ll discuss how to to begin shifting your paradigm toward that of a researcher. We’ll highlight the planning process which includes the development of a problem and purpose statement and how to craft a research question which will help guide the process of ‘doing’.

Phase 2: Doing

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of research for novice researchers is the actual implementation of an intervention and collection of data. As mentioned above, planning is key to successful ‘doing’. Chapters 3-5 of this text will discuss how to gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, respectively. Again, these chapters are not a replacement for an in-depth understanding of statistical methodology; rather, they have been developed to focus your attention on the general approach to identifying the best answer to your research question.

Phase 3: Writing

The final phase of the research process is to articulate and disseminate the results of your process. Chapter 6 includes a focused approach to creating a research proposal and addressing institutional review board considerations. Chapter 7 outlines how to approach writing a manuscript suitable for dissemination.

As clinician-researchers, it is imperative that we step forward to ensure our profession is not only well represented in the scientific community, but that all we do continue to be grounded firmly in evidence which supports our practice. Congratulations on becoming part of the scientific community and best of luck with your upcoming research!


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