🍐French Level 3, Activity 04: Les aliments / Foods (Online)

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Description: In this activity, students will practice describing different recipes and listing ingredients.
Semantic Topics: food, recipes, drawing, aliments, nourriture, recette, dessiner, les préférences, preferences

Products: Food

Practices: Cooking, listing off necessary ingredients, following a recipe

Perspectives: French cuisine often makes use of the five mother sauces : Béchamel, Sauce Tomate, Espagnole, Velouté, and Hollandaise. Fresh vegetables and meat products are also seen as necessities for good cooking!

NCSSFL-ACTFL World-Readiness Standards:

  • Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations or correspondence in French to provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
  • Standard 1.2: Students understand and interpret spoken and written French on a variety of topics.
  • Standard 1.3: Students present information, concepts, and ideas in French to an audience of listeners or readers.

Idaho State Content Standards:

  • COMM 1.1: Interact and negotiate meaning (spoken, signed, written conversation) to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions.
  • COMM 2.1: Understand, interpret, and analyze what is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.
  • COMM 3.1: Present information, concepts, and ideas to inform, explain, persuade, and narrate on a variety of topics using appropriate media in the target language.

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

  • I can identify different foods.
  • I can list ingredients that make up a recipe.
  • I can use drawing and clues to help my peers guess a word.
  • I can ask questions to a peer to help me guess a word.


1. Begin by introducing the Can-Dos for today’s activity.


2. Students will look at different pictures of meals.

Les élèves examineront quelques images différentes des repas.


3. They should try to guess all of the ingredients.

Ils devraient essayer de deviner tous les ingrédients.


4. Read the answers down below and help the students if they need it.

Lisez les réponses ci-dessous et aidez les élèves s’ils en ont besoin.


Aliments et ingrédients ↓

  • Slide 1: Avocado Toast
    • Pain
    • Avocat
    • Un œuf (frit?)
    • Sel et Poivre
  • Slide 2: Salade
    • Laitue
    • Tomates
    • Fromage
    • Crevette
    • Croûtons
  • Slide 3: Crêpes
    • Les œufs
    • Lait
    • Burre
    • Farine
    • Sucre blanc
    • Sel
    • Fraises
    • Bananes
    • Nutella
    • Crème fouettée

Main Activity

Students will play a drawing game on the website: https://scribble-io.co/

Les élèves joueront à un jeu de dessin sur ce site Web :


1. Pick a student to go first the game.

Choisissez un(e) élève de commencer le jeu.


2. They will be assigned a word to draw.

Il/elle va recevoir un mot pour dessiner.


3. The rest of the group will try to guess the word.

Le reste du groupe va essayer de deviner le mot. 


4. Once the word is guessed, switch drawers.

Une fois le mot est diviné, changez le dessinatuer/dessinatrice. 


5. Continue this until the end of the activity.

Continuez ces étapes jusqu’à la fin de l’activité.


Instructor Instructions:

  1. Create a private room
  2. Choose how many rounds you would like to play (3-5)
  3. Choose the amount of time students get to draw and guess (1-2 Minutes)
  4. Language: French
  5. Copy and paste in custom words (separated by comma)
  6. Check the box to use custom words exclusively
  7. Put the invite link into the Zoom chat
  8. *Students get 1 hint per round*


Custom words:

une carte, un couteau, une fourchette, un bol, la confiture, une tarte, une poire, une tomate, une fraise, l’ail, un escargot, un champignon, une salade, un steak, un oeuf, un oignon, des petits pois, une laitue, un poulet, la mayonnaise, un yaourt, une pomme de terre


Ask the following question(s) to finish the activity:

  • Quels sont vos 3 aliments préférés ? (What are your 3 favorite foods?)
  • Avez-vous un restaurant préféré à Boise ? (Do you have a favorite restaurant in Boise?)
  • Qu’est-ce qu’un aliment que vous détestez ? (What is one food that you hate?)

End of Activity:

  • Can-Do statement check-in… “Where are we?”
  • Read can-do statements and have students evaluate their confidence.
  • Encourage students to be honest in their self evaluation
  • Pay attention, and try to use feedback for future activities!

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

  • I can identify different foods.
  • I can list ingredients that make up a recipe.
  • I can use drawing and clues to help my peers guess a word.
  • I can ask questions to a peer to help me guess a word.

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