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🌎 Cultural Celebration By Randall Annunziato

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Activity by Randall Annunziato
Meadows Valley School

About this Activity Remix:

I took ¡Lotería! and incorporated the activity into a cultural exploration project in which students will host a Fiesta Cultural during class time.

The above examples of authentic material prompts students to notice cultural differences between their target country of study and ours.

Students will also be creating invitations for our cultural party in which they will formally invite elementary students to come check out their completed country portfolios!

Description: This project entails lessons an activities that allow students to study the history of Spanish and the countries in which it’s spoken. The final product is a cultural celebration event in which students showcase their country’s portfolios.

Can do Statements: 

I can use authentic invitations in my learning to create my own personal invitation to a cultural event.

I can use authentic informative videos to gain more knowledge about how holidays are celebrated in other countries and translate that knowledge to my country of study.


Engage: Students will engage in the activity by comparing the different images and 1 video  linked above and discuss the core elements and difference between each invitation.

Students will then explore the question: What holidays are celebrated in their country of choice?

Students will briefly explain how their country celebrates the chosen holiday.

Students will elaborate by adding this description to their countries repertoire.

Students will engage in food aspect of the project by using the survey in the pathway’s project Level 2: Activity 6

Students will be evaluated on their country’s portfolio.

  • Portfolios will include their Loteria card, a map & flag of their chosen country, a collage of images (found on openverse) from their chosen country, a playlist of 5-10 songs by singers from their chosen country, a brief description of a holiday that is celebrated in their chosen country, and a food that is traditional within their chosen country.
  • Each aspect builds on the other to create a Portfolio that will be used in a cultural event.

(More detailed information in Cultural Celebration document linked under materials needed section)


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