How to Use the Activities in this Book

Photo of Pathways Project student presenting her project
Abby Cain, former Pathways Project team member, presents her project at the Pathways Project Showcase.

Each activity featured in this book is complete and ready to be implemented in your classroom.

Before you begin:

  • Most activities are designed to be 30 minutes in duration, unless otherwise specified. Depending on the level of your students and size of the group you are working with, more or less time may be allocated.
  • Be sure to read through the activity description and review the list of required materials.
  • Every activity includes the required digital materials. For face-to-face activities, you may occasionally need other supplies such as whiteboard markers or dice.

How to Find an Activity

What’s Included in a Pathways Project Activity?

The following interactive photos will help you to learn more about what’s included in each Pathways Project activity. Click on the  + icon located next to the different activity sections to learn more.

Revise for Your Language Classroom:

Revising an activity allows you to adapt the activity to meet the unique needs of your language classroom. You can modify the activity instructions, add or take away a portion of the activity, or make adjustments to the Google Slideshow. We have provided editable versions of all Google Slideshows and Printable Activity materials.


Google Slideshows:

  1. To begin, go to File -> Copy to create an editable version of the slideshow.
  2. Once finished with your changes, please complete the following steps to share:
  3. Click on Share
  4. Who Has Access
  5. Ensure link sharing is on and allow external access.

Printable Activity Materials:

Most of our printable activity materials are developed using Canva, a free online graphic design program. Before making changes to a material, you’ll want to sign up for a free account.
If you’re a K-12 educator, consider requesting a free Canva for Education account!

How to Remix An Activity

Feeling creative? Language instructors sometimes feel reluctant to share back their great ideas, but we want to change that by making it easy to share back with the larger Pathways Project Community!

Try taking an activity to the next level by:

  • Adding new content (something you’ve created or from another OER source)
  • Additional activity suggestions
  • New authentic materials
  • Suggestions on implementing the activity in the classroom
  • Localizing the content for a specific audience or group of learners

How to Share back An Activity

When you are ready to begin share back an activity you’ve revised or remixed with the Pathways Project community, simply look for the Google Form (pictured below) at the bottom of the activity page. This form will make it easy to submit the activity and our student OER editor team will take care of publishing it for you! (You’ll of course maintain the copyright and we’ll help you license the activity.)

Picture of pathways form


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