Spanish Level 1- Face-to-Face Activities

🏳 Día de Independencia de México By Roxanne Mouw

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Roxanne Mouw
Owyhee High School

Description:  This PowerPoint contains images and videos that presents and explains Día de Independencia. It also contains conversation questions for students to compare and contrast the the differences between the 4th of July celebrations and traditions in the US with those of Mexico the 16th of September.

Semantic Topics: Dia de Independencia, cultural connections, 16th of September, customs, traditions, celebrations, imperfect.

Can do Statements: 

I can share foundational details about Mexico’s Dia de Independencia.

I can compare and contrast Mexico’s Dia de Independencia with July 4th.

I can use our Unit 6 Vocabulary to answer questions talking about customs/traditions surrounding the 16th of September and 4th of July festivities.

Materials Needed: 

Interpersonal Activity

Pre Activity: 

Blookit to help students review their current vocab.

Example blookit for the current vocab list we are using with this Unit. Host Blooket

Have students answer the following questions in their cuadernos…

De niño,  ¿Cómo celebrabas el cuatro de Julio?

¿Cuales costumbres tiene su familia en los Dias Festivos?

De niño, ¿cuál era tu día festivo favorito?

Main Activity: 

  1. Ask students what they know about el cuatro de Julio then ask students what they know about Dia de Independencia in Mexico.
  2. Present slideshow to students and show the images and videos about Dia de Los Muertos.  They will be using the Frame to take notes.
  3. Ask students to write down their observations about slide 18 (McGrito from McDonalds).
  4. On the last slide students will use their vocab list (linked above) that coincides with the vocab needed to answer these questions.  After answering questions they will be given a giant sticky note and with a partner will create a venn diagram.  I recommend purchasing the giant sticky notes from amazon. : Post-it Super Sticky Easel Pad, 25 in x 30 in, White, 30 Sheets/Pad, 2 Pad/Pack, Large White Premium Self Stick Flip Chart Paper, Super Sticking Power (559) : Post It Easel Pad : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Students will be allotted 20 minutes using their vocab and presentation notes to create a diagram showing differences and similarities.  During this time students will be required to speak only in Spanish.


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