Module 02: Me voici!

Deuxième Partie: La famille et les amis, les exercices

Les Exercices

Big diverse family members. Crowd of multicultural people of different ages and races standing together. Vector illustration for multinational public, multiracial community members or society concept
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Exercice 1: La famille : vocabulaire

Exercice 2: C’est qui ?

Exercice 3: L’arbre généalogique

Exercice 4: Possession

Exercice 5: La famille de Madame Guilloteau

French instructions: La famille de Madame Guilloteau est grande. Dans les phrases suivantes, elle décrit sa famille.

English instructions: Mrs. Guilloteau’s family is large. In the following sentences she describes her family. Fill in the correct words for each description. .


Exercice 6: Comment dit-on? How do you say…?

Exercice 7: La famille de Franck Guilloteau

Listen and fill in the blanks in the description of Franck Guilloteau’s family.

Photo of a family
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Exercice 8: Ma famille Presentational Speaking

Your Canadian host family is asking you about your family. Respond to the following prompt in French using Please remember that you can use your own family or an imaginary family – be creative! Mention at least 3 people.

Il y a combien de personnes dans ta famille ? Comment s’appellent-ils ? Quel âge ont-ils ? Comment sont-ils ?
Exemple : Mon père s’appelle Marc. Il a soixante-cinq ans. Il est intelligent et gentil.


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