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Bienvenue ! Welcome to your textbook for French 101. This textbook provides an easy way for you to study the vocabulary and grammar for each module, while providing interactive exercises to practice and apply what you’ve learned.

What will we cover?

This Français inclusif title is comprised of four Modules made up of 3-5 parts. Most parts contain the following:

  • Le vocabulaire (Vocabulary)
  • Explication de grammaire (Grammar explanation)
  • Les exercices (You will complete these for practice as part of your weekly homework assignments)

Modules also contain an introduction page with learning objectives, a cultural reflection assignment, a presentational speaking and/or writing assessment, and Allez plus Loin (Go further) page which contains additional content.

View the title and learning outcomes for each module below:

2023 Open Education Award Finalists

Every year the Open Education Awards for Excellence recognizes outstanding contributions in the Open Education community, recognizing exemplary individuals, distinctive Open Educational Resources, and innovative Open Practices from around the world. This year they received over 174 nominations across 16 award categories.

We’re delighted to share with you that Boise State’s Français inclusif is featured on the shortlist of finalists in the category of “How We Share: Open Reuse / Remix / Adaptation!” Please check out the other nominees as well, there are some fantastic projects and folks featured this year!

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We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the financial support we’ve received from campus partners including Boise State Concurrent Enrollment, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of World Languages. This work would not be possible without you!

Note for Instructors Outside of Boise State

This textbook is collection of original and remixed material, including content from Français interactif (FI) created by the Center for Open Educational Resource for Language Learning (COERLL).

Our work builds on the great foundation provided by FI and adds the following:

  • Interactive exercises including many self-graded activities
  • Additional exercises and localized examples
  • New visuals including photos, illustrations, infographics, and videos
  • Expanded representation of the French-speaking world
  • IPA-style assessments for the three modes: Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational
  • Homework checklists and in-class slide decks
  • Interactive cultural reflection assignments at the end of each module

How to Access Instructor Materials
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If you are an instructor outside of Boise State University and interested in using our materials in your course, kindly complete the form below. We would be glad to share our implementation guide, sample syllabus, cultural reflections, homework checklists, slide decks, and module assessments with you. If you would like to make a copy of Français inclusif that you can customize for your classroom, please review these “Clone a Book” instructions from Pressbooks.

Materials will be shared with instructors during the normal academic year, late August to the beginning of May. Requests outside this time frame may be delayed.



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