Module 02: Me voici!

Quatrième Partie: L’heure, les exercices

Les Exercices

Exercice 1. Le cinéma

Amélie film poster with movie themed background. 14H10 16H30 19H30 21H55 MER SAM DIM 11H45
Graphic based on FI p. 49, Amelie poster included under fair use as described in the CBPFUOER.

Exercice 2. Il est quelle heure ?

Exercice 3. L’heure ?

For an accessible version of the table, please use this link.

Exercice 4. A quelle heure ?

To access an editable version of this activity, please use this link.

Exercice 5. L’heure

Ecoutez et complétez les phrases suivantes.

Listen and take notes as you listen to the dialogue. Reconstruct the text with as many details as possible.

Exercice 6. Essayez – try

A. Watch the following video and pay careful attention to the pronunciation:

B. Révisez la prononciation! Répondez aux questions suivantes en phrases complètes en suivant les indications données.  (Review prononciation! Respond to the following questions in full sentences using the prompts given.):


Quelle heure est-il? (9h00)

Il est neuf heures du matin.

The tool below will allow you to record a response. You may also use Vocaroo to record yourself. Please be sure to click the download button to save your recording so that you may upload it to Google Classroom.

Exercice 7. Grammar: Saying the time

Photo by Black ice via Pexels

Visit this link to complete an additional exercise to practice saying the time.


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