Module 03: Les vacances

Deuxième Partie: La géographie / les points cardinaux, le vocabulaire

Le Vocabulaire

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It’s time to practice the vocabulary for this section! Below this vocabulary list, you’ll find interactive flashcards, spelling practice, and a crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.

la ville town, city
une province province
une région region
un fleuve major river (that flows to the sea)
la Loire the Loire (river)
la Garonne the Garonne (river)
le Rhône the Rhône (river)
la Seine the Seine (river)
la mer sea
la mer Méditerranée the Mediterranean Sea
l'océan (m) ocean
l'océan Atlantique the Atlantic Ocean
la Manche the English Channel
la plage beach
une forêt forest
la montagne mountain
les Alpes (f) the Alps
le Jura the Jura (mountains)
les Pyrénées (f) the Pyrenees
le Massif Central the Massif Central
les Vosges (f) the Vosges
L'Hexagone (m) France
l'Alsace (f) Alsace
la Bourgogne Burgundy
la Bretagne Brittany
la Côte d'Azur the Riviera
la Corse Corsica
l'Ile de France (f) Ile de France
(la région parisienne) (Parisian region)
la Lorraine Lorraine
la Normandie Normandy
la Provence Provence
la Vallée de la Loire the Loire Valley
aller to go
Je déteste... I hate...
J'adore... I love...
Je préfère... I prefer...
la géographie geography

Directions: To begin, you’ll review flashcards for key unit vocabulary. Once you feel comfortable with the terms, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned through several interactive activities. Please repeat these activities as much as needed and we encourage you to return to this page throughout the unit to review. Note: each time you refresh this page, the activities will be randomized. We recommended doing this to mix things up!






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