Module 01: Bonjour!

Première Partie: Les salutations, le vocabulaire

Le Vocabulaire

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It’s time to practice the vocabulary for this section! Below this vocabulary list, you’ll find interactive flashcards, spelling practice, and a crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.


L’alphabet phonétique

Le vocabulaire

Monsieur Sir/Mr
Madame Ma'am (Ms/Mrs)
Mademoiselle Miss
Bonjour, Monsieur Good day (Hello), Sir
Bonsoir Good evening
Au revoir Goodbye
Salut ! Hi!
À tout à l'heure ! See you in a little while
À ce soir See you this evening
À demain See you tomorrow
À bientôt See you soon
Comment vous appelez-vous ? What's your name? (formal)
Comment tu t'appelles ? (Comment t'appelles-tu?) What's your name? (informal)
Je m'appelle My name is
Comment allez-vous ? How are you? (formal)
Comment vas-tu ? How are you? (informal)
Je vais très bien, merci I am very well, thank you
Je vais bien, merci I am fine, thank you
Pas mal, merci Not bad, thank you
Comment ça va ? How are things going?
Bien, merci ! Great, thanks!
Ça va (bien) ? Are things going (well)?
Ça va bien Things are going (well)
Et vous ? Vous êtes d'où ? And you? Where are you from? (formal)
Et toi ? Tu es d'où ? And you? Where are you from? (informal)
Monsieur, je vous présente Sir, I would like to introduce to you
Je te présente This is (informal)
Voici This is
Qui est-ce ? Who is it?
C'est It's
Ce sont They are
Comment s'appelle-t-il/elle ? What's his/her name?
Il/Elle/Iel s'appelle His/Her name is/ Their name is
Il/Elle/Iel vient de He/She is from/They are from
Comment s'appellent-ils/elles/iels ? What are their names?
Ils/Elles/Iels s'appellent Their names are
Quels sont vos pronoms ? What are your pronouns? (formal)
Il est ... Elle est ... Iel est... He is ... She is ... They are ...
acteur / actrice actor / actress
architecte architect
chanteur / chanteuse singer
coiffeur / coiffeuse hair dresser
dentiste dentist
ingénieur engineer
journaliste journalist
médicin doctor
professeur teacher, professor
retraité / retraitée retired man / retired woman
stagiaire intern
étudiant / étudiante student
Qu'est-ce qu'il/elle/iel fait ? What do they do?


Directions: To begin, you’ll review flashcards for key unit vocabulary. Once you feel comfortable with the terms, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned through several interactive activities. Please repeat these activities as much as needed and we encourage you to return to this page throughout the unit to review. Note: each time you refresh this page, the activities will be randomized. We recommended doing this to mix things up!




Non-binary vocabulary options: 

According to website Amino: “There are two honorifics that are picking up steam (on the Internet and in real life) … The first is ‘Madamonsieur’, a combination of ‘Madame’ and ‘Monsieur’ in the style of ‘Mademoiselle’. The second is a bit shorter, ‘Masieur’, which is a simpler combination of ‘Madame’ + ‘Monsieur’. The abbreviations for these honorifics are ‘Mms.’ and ‘Ms’.”



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