Deuxième Partie: Les numéros / Le vocabulaire

Le Vocabulaire
Lots of Numbers
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It’s time to practice the vocabulary for this section!


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To download a copy or print this section’s vocabulary, please use this link.

Directions: To begin, you’ll review flashcards for key unit vocabulary. Once you feel comfortable with the terms, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned through several interactive activities. Please repeat these activities as much as needed and we encourage you to return to this page throughout the unit to review.



Flashcard iconReview the flashcards.  Click on the speaker icon 🔊 in the word list to hear each word pronounced.

Multiple Choice Challenge

Multiple Choice IconComplete “Learn” for a multiple choice challenge.

Visit Quizlet to “Learn!” 


Match iconPlay “Match” to pair words.  Try to beat your time!

Visit Quizlet to “Match”



Pencil iconDemonstrate your spelling skills with “Write.”

Visit Quizlet to “Write!”




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