Module 02: Me voici!

Troisième Partie: Les passe-temps, le vocabulaire

Le Vocabulaire

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It’s time to practice the vocabulary for this section! Below this vocabulary list, you’ll find interactive flashcards, spelling practice, and a crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.

quand? when?
qui? who?
comment? how?
quel / quelle / quels / quelles which?
pourquoi? why?
parce que because
trouver to find
(Qui cherche, trouve!) (Who looks for (searches), finds!)
tomber amoureux (de) /amoureuse (de) to fall in love
embrasser to kiss
écouter... to listen to...
de la musique music
chanter to sing
danser to dance
aimer to like, to love
la musique classique classical music
le jazz jazz
le hip-hop hip-hop
la techno techno
le sport sports
le tennis tennis
le football soccer
le basket basketball
le golf golf
le footing running
préférer to prefer
adorer to adore
détester to detest
habiter to live
rester à la maison to stay at home
étudier to study
lire to read
oublier to forget
regarder la télévision to watch television
téléphoner à to telephone
parler to speak
jouer au foot to play soccer
jouer au tennis to play tennis
jouer aux cartes to play cards
jouer de la guitare to play guitar
jouer du piano to play piano
nager to swim
rencontrer to meet
rêver to dream
travailler to work
voyager to travel
aussi also
maintenant now
plus tard later
beaucoup a lot
peu / un peu little / a little
rarement rarely
parfois at times
quelquefois sometimes
souvent often
toujours always
ne ... jamais never
les passe-temps pastime activities
les activités activities
les divertissements Entertainment, distractions
avoir besoin de... to need
avoir envie de... to want
avoir l'intention de... to intend to
chercher to look for

Directions: To begin, you’ll review flashcards for key unit vocabulary. Once you feel comfortable with the terms, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned through several interactive activities. Please repeat these activities as much as needed and we encourage you to return to this page throughout the unit to review. Note: each time you refresh this page, the activities will be randomized. We recommended doing this to mix things up!






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