Module 02: Me voici!

Quatrième Partie: L’heure, Explication de grammaire

La Grammaire


In French, you may ask the time in one of two ways :

  1. Quelle heure est-il ? (informal).
  2. Est-ce que vous avez l’heure / Est-ce que tu as l’heure ? (formal).

Time can be expressed by using the following expressions:

Il est” + the hour + minutes – il est huit heures – Il est 8h00.  Notice that there is an s on heures.

Il est une heure – il est 1h00.  Heures becomes heure (singular) in this case because there is only one hour.
Note that even if it’s  “8h00”, you’ll still use “il est” and not “ce sont”

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Note: Military time, or the 24 hour clock is used to express official time, such as for movie time, meeting times and train or bus schedules.

In order to express this time, any hour past 12PM (noon) will be added to 12.

-1PM would be “une heure,” unofficially, and “treize heures,” officially (13h).

-3:30PM would be “trois heures et demie (de l’après midi),” unofficially, and “quinze heures trente,” officially (15h30).

-9:40AM would be “dix heures moins vingt,” unofficially, and “neuf heures quarante,” officially (09h40).

When using the 24 hour clock, unofficial terms such as “et demie” or “et quart” will not be used. 


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