Module 04: L’identité

Troisième Partie: La routine quotidienne, le vocabulaire

Le Vocabulaire

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It’s time to practice the vocabulary for this section! Below this vocabulary list, you’ll find interactive flashcards, spelling practice, and a crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.

se réveiller to wake up
se lever to get up
verbes pronominaux pronomianl verbs
se laver to wash (oneself)
s'habiller to dress (oneself)
se brosser les dents to brush your teeth
se brosser les cheveux to brush your hair
se maquiller to put on make-up
se raser to shave
se coucher to go to bed
s'amuser to have fun
s'ennuyer to be bored
se dépêcher to hurry
se promener to take a walk
se reposer to rest
se fâcher to get angry






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