Module 01: Bonjour!

Deuxième Partie: Les numéros / les exercices

Les Exercices

Numbers and symbols of colors
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Exercice 1. Ecrivez en toutes lettres ! Write in letters.

Exercice 2 : Calculez ! Calculate!

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Exercice 3: Les numéros de téléphone

Listen to the recording for the addresses and telephone numbers of three Boise State students studying in Lyon and fill in the blanks below:


🔵 Exercice 4 : Quelle est la date ? Match the Holidays with the date.

Hand with pen and calendar. Person draws red mark around a date in the calendar. Desktop calendar with a marked date. Mark calendar. Date circled. Deadline, event, important date. Vector illustration
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🔵 Exercice 5. Quel âge ont-ils ? Sénégal

Watch the video and repeat the numbers as you watch the age progression. You will view a similar video in class.

🔵 Exercice 6. Écoutez

To access an editable version of this activity, please use this link.

🔵 Exercice 7. Presentational Speaking

Woman speaking on the phone with a notebook and laptop in front of her.

You want to reserve a spot for an exclusive tour of the Eiffel tower but the host company does not speak English! Record a message for your instructor using Vocaroo in which you share the following information in French:

  • Introduction
  • First and last name
  • Phone number (in the French style)
  • How many people will join you (il y a… personnes)


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