Module 04: L’identité

Première Partie: Le portrait physique, le vocabulaire

Le Vocabulaire

Collage of four portraits, two females, two males
Photos by: Bruce Mars, Stocksnap, Stefan Stefancik, and Fauxels via Pexels

It’s time to practice the vocabulary for this section! Below this vocabulary list, you’ll find interactive flashcards, spelling practice, and a crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.

la tête head
les cheveux (m) hair
le front forehead
les sourcils (m) eyebrows
les yeux (m) eyes
le nez nose
les joues (f) cheeks
les oreilles (f) ears
la bouche mouth
le menton chin
le cou neck
blanc/blanche white
bleu/bleue blue
gris/grise gray
jaune yellow
marron brown
noir/noire black
orange orange
rouge red
vert/verte green
violet/violette purple
Quelle est votre taille (f)? What's your height?
Je fais 1 m. 60. I'm one meter 60.
de taille moyenne medium height/average height
maigre skinny
mince thin
De quelle couleur sont vos cheveux? What color is your hair?
J'ai les cheveux blonds/ bruns/ châtain / roux. I have blond / brown / light brown, chestnut / red hair.
Il est... Elle est... Iel est... He/She isNeutral pronoun is
blond, blonde blonde
brun, brune brunette
roux/rousse red-headed
Comment est-il coiffé? What is his hair like?
Il a les cheveux longs / courts / bouclés / raides. He has long / short / curly / straight hair.
De quelle couleur sont vos yeux? What color are your eyes?
J'ai les yeux marron/bleus/verts I have brown/blue/green eyes
Quelle est la forme de son visage? What's the shape of his face?
Il a le visage carré / long / rond. He has a square / long / round face.
Il a le nez retroussé / pointu. He has a snub/pointy nose
Il a de grandes oreilles. He has big ears.
Il/Elle/Iel a he/she/they have
des lunettes (f) glasses
une cicatrice scar
un piercing piercing
un tatouage tattoo

Directions: To begin, you’ll review flashcards for key unit vocabulary. Once you feel comfortable with the terms, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned through several interactive activities. Please repeat these activities as much as needed and we encourage you to return to this page throughout the unit to review. Note: each time you refresh this page, the activities will be randomized. We recommended doing this to mix things up!






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