Module 03: Les vacances

les vacances

How do people from Francophone cultures take time away from their busy lives to relax and explore the world?

Van Miniature Jaune Moulé Sous Pression Sur Sable Brun
Photo by Nubia Navarro

Module 3 Learning Outcomes:

I can…

  1. talk about the weather
  2. discuss which season I prefer and why
  3. discuss a French-speaking destination I would like to visit and why
  4. talk about where I like to go and what I like to do on vacation
  5. tell someone about my favorite pastimes and activities
  6. tell someone what types of activities one can enjoy in different types of weather, and in various places
  7. tell someone what I generally do on the weekends
  8. tell someone what I am going to do next weekend

Interpretive:  Read an infographic about what French people and people from the Occitanie region do during their vacations.

Interpersonal:  Discuss a Francophone travel destination and plan what you will do your first few days of your trip. You will decide where you want to go and chat with your partner to make sure you select activities you both will enjoy.

Presentational: Write and design a postcard that you will send back home to friends while travelling abroad in a Francophone destination.

21st Century Skills:  

  • Use digital technology tools to communicate your ideas.
  • Articulate your thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.
  • Develop, implement, and communicate new ideas to others.


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