🌆German Level 2, Activity 11: In Der Stadt, Heimatstadt-Tour / In The City, Hometown Tour (Face to Face)

Picture of a rainbow over Boise
Shawn Moak

Description: Students discuss Boise and their own hometown.  They discuss tourist attractions, make a pic collage of different places and describe their pic college to the other students.

Semantic Topics: hometown, heimatstadt, town, dorf, city, stadt, tourist attraction, sehenswürdigkeit, travel, reisen, comparisons, vergleiche, adjective, adjektiv

Products: Google photos,  Google-Fotos, Memories, Erinnerungen.

Practices: Discussing hometowns and describing hometowns verses Boise in German.  Heimatstädte diskutieren und Heimatstädte beschreiben versus Boise auf Deutsch.

Perspectives:  Love and pride for the hometowns and the memories of the past that happen both in the US and in German-speaking countries. Liebe und Stolz für die Heimatstädte und die Erinnerungen an die Vergangenheit, die sowohl in den USA als auch im deutschsprachigen Raum passieren.

NCSSFL-ACTFL World-Readiness Standards:

  • Standard 1.1   Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
  • Standard 1.2  Students understand and interpret spoken and written language on a variety of topics.
  • Standard 1.3  Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.

Idaho State Content Standards:

  • Objective: COMM 1.1 Interact and negotiate meaning (spoken, signed, written conversation) to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions.
  • Objective: COMM 2.1 Understand, interpret, and analyze what is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.
  • Objective: COMM 3.2 Present information, concepts, and ideas to inform, explain, persuade, and narrate on a variety of topics using appropriate media in the target language.

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

  • I can talk about landmarks from my hometown.
  • I can compare two cities.
  • I can answer questions about my hometown.

Materials Needed:


1. Have students describe a favorite place from their hometown.

Lassen Sie die Schüler einen Lieblingsort aus ihrer Heimatstadt beschreiben.


2. Have students answer the question, “What is your favorite place in Boise? Why?”

Lassen Sie die Schüler die Frage beantworten: “Was ist Ihr Lieblingsort in Boise? Warum?”

Main Activity

1. Students will give a tour of their hometown using google images and pic collage.

Die Schüler werden eine Tour durch ihre Heimatstadt mit Google-Bildern und einer Bildcollage geben.


2. Have students think about the following questions when finding their pictures and have students incorporate the answers into their responses:

Lassen Sie die Schüler beim Finden ihrer Bilder über die folgenden Fragen nachdenken und lassen Sie die Schüler die Antworten in ihre Rückmeldungen einbeziehen:

a.  Explain where their hometown is.

Wo ist deine Heimatstadt? 

b. Why did you include this picture? Why is it important?

Warum hast du dieses Bild gewählt? Warum ist es wichtig?

c. What does one do at these places? Do you do these things?

Was macht man bei diesen Orten? Machst du diese Dinge? 


Ask students the following question(s) to finish the activity:

  • Wie sind Boise und deine Heimatstadt anders? Gibt es Ähnlichkeiten? Was sind die größte Unterschiede? (How does Boise compare to your hometown? Are there similarities? What are the biggest differences?)

End of Activity:

  • Read Can-Do statements once more and have students evaluate their confidence. (Use thumbs up/thumbs down)
  • Encourage students to be honest in their self-evaluation.
  • Pay attention, and try to use feedback for future activities!

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

  • I can talk about landmarks from my hometown.
  • I can compare two cities.
  • I can answer questions about my hometown.

cultural Resources

Linked here is an Easy German video about Berlin.

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