Thematic Table of Contents

Looking for activities that cover a specific theme? This Thematic Table of Contents lists common themes (such as family, food, shopping, etc.) in world language classes and the associated activities in this Pressbook collection. Try using the search button below to find an activity!
  Thematic Topic Associated Keywords Related Activities
Icon of A, B, C The Alphabet and Survival Phrases tongue-twisters, receptivity, spelling, useful phrases German Level 4 Activity 8 Online, German Level 4 Activity 8 Online, German Level 1 Activity1, German Level 1 Activity2, German Level 4 Activity 8 Online, German Level 4 Activity 1 Online
icon of house, trees, and sun Around the House and Living Arrangements parts of a house, household chores, furniture, table settings, daily routines, apartments, dorms, room mates, budgeting, money matters German Level 1 Activity 6 Online, German Level 1 Activity 7, German Level 1 Activity 6, German Level 3 Activity 7, German Level 2 Activity 12, German Level 3 Activity 7 Online
Two Music Notes The Arts, Movies, Music, etc. movies, music, art, TV shows, theater, museums German Level 3 Activity 11, German Level 3 Activity 1, German Level 3 Activity 1 Online, German Level 1 Activity 5, German Level 1 Activity 5 Online
Bear and toys Everyday Life City Life German Level 4 Activity 5 Online
Icon of city building City Life city life, errands, money, banking, post office, describing locations
icon of newspaper Current Events politics, current events, the news, the media, podcasts, economy, radio, public opinion, global problems, speed limits, discussion strategies, sharing opinions German Level 4 Activity 10 Online
icon of calendar Days of the Week, Months, Time, and Holidays days of the week, schedules German Level 1 Activity 4
icon of bucket and a mop Daily Routines/Chores Chores and daily routines
icon of person with happy and sad emotions Describing Appearance and Personality nationalities, adjectives, physical appearance, personality, personal information, emotions
icon of a map Directions prepositions, commands related to directions. landmarks, expressions used to give directions, stations/stops, addresses
Globe and Leaf icon The Environment and Outdoors nature, the environment, recycling, conservation, natural disasters , pollution
icon of family Family identifying people, family members, pets
icon of food Food food, food descriptions, meals, restaurants, cooking, ingredients for cooking, kitchen equipment, cooking expressions, recipes, menus, food specialties, paying the bill, types of eating establishments German Level 4 Activity 6 Online
icon of basketball and net Free Time and Hobbies pastimes, sports, likes/dislikes, weekend activities, leisure time, clubs
hand with multiple letters to pick from icon Grab Bag ice breakers, Learning about culture, fun quizzes, socializing, cognates, slang
Greeting and introduction icon Greetings and Introductions greetings, introductions, expressions of courtesy, manners, asking about someone's well-being German Level 4 Activity 12 Online
Heart beat icon Health and the Body health, medical terms, parts of the body, symptoms, medical conditions, health professions, well-being, exercise, physical activity, nutrition, hospitals
invitation icon Invitations/Parties/Social Events/Holidays parties, celebrations, holidays, national holidays, stages of life, personal relationships, friendship, dating, invitations, accepting an invitation, rejecting an invitation, making plans German Level 4 Activity 7 Online, German Level 4 Activity 3 Online
classified ad job icon Jobs and Careers professions, occupations, workplace, job interviews, job hunting, business environments, job applications German Level 1 Activity 3, German Level 4 Activity 13 Online
numbers icon 1 2 3 Charactericstics stereotypes German Level 4 Activity 9 Online
Dice icon Review Games Jeopardy, Pirate Game, Heads up, Fly Swatter, Pictionary
Four seasons icon Seasons and Weather climate, weather, time of year
Books with an apple icon School classroom, academic life, fields of study, academic subjects, days of the week, class schedules German Level 4 Activity 2 Online
two shopping bags icon Shopping clothing, shopping, negotiating a price, buying an item, markets, gifts, types of stores, shopping malls, weights and measures
Scrapbook icon Story-Telling rumors, disasters, accidents, memories, talking about what happened
Phone icon Technology home electronics, computers, the internet, cars, text messages, cellphones, social media, the future
Suitcases icon Travel travel, vacation, preparation, hotels, transportation, popular attractions, travel complications, planning a trip, buying a ticket, reserving a hotel room, asking for recommendations German Level 4 Activity 4 Online, German Level 4 Activity 11 Online, German Level 4 Activity 12 Online

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