German Level 4, Activity #02: Schule und Universität / School and University (Online)


Description: Students will discuss their opinions on experiences with different school systems, as well as discuss what they would do when they have children.

Semantic Topics: Schule, Studium, Cool Sein, School, Noten, Grades, Grammar, Grammatik.

Products: Video of education in Germany. Bildungsvideo in Deutschland.

Practices: Education in the U.S.  and Education in Germany. Bildung in den USA  und Bildung in Deutschland.

Perspectives: Value attached to education in the United States and German speaking countries.  Wert auf Bildung in den USA und im deutschsprachigen Raum.

NCSSFL-ACTFL World-Readiness Standards:

  • Standard 1.1 Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
  • Standard 1.2 Students understand and interpret spoken and written language on a variety of topics
  • Standard 1.3 Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.
  • Standard 2.1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the cultures studied.

Idaho Content Standards for World Languages:

  • Objective: COMM 1.1- Interact and negotiate meaning (spoken, signed, written conversation) to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions.
  • Objective: COMP 1.1- Observe formal and informal forms of language.
  • Objective: COMM 2.1- Understand, interpret, and analyze what is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

  • I can express my opinions on the school system, university and professors.
  • I can reason through scenarios regarding school and university.
  • I can express my own experiences with the school system.

Materials Needed:


Discuss the Can-Do Statements with the Students

Students will answer the following questions:

     Die Studierenden beantworten folgende Fragen: 

    • What is your favorite subject? Why
      • Was sind euer Lieblingsfächer? Warum?
    • What subject do you like the least? Why?
      • Welches Fach mögt ihr am wenigsten? Warum?

Main Activity

  1. Students will watch a segment from Deutschland labor-Folge 1 Schule  (0:26-1:35)
  2. Discussion Question Ideas:
    • What are acceptable reasons to skip school?
      • Was sind für euch akzeptable Gründe die Schule zu schwänzen? 
    • What makes a good professor? (Which characteristics) Have you ever had a bad experience with a professor?
      • Was macht eine(n) gute(n) Professor(in) aus? (Was für Eigenschaften?) Habt ihr schon einmal eine schlechte Erfahrungen mit eine(n) Professor(in)?
    • Have you had more positive or negative experiences in the American school system? Why?
      • Hattet ihr positive oder eher negative Erfahrungen in dem amerikanischen Schulsystem? Warum?
    • Are you still friends with a friend from your school days? How did you stay in contact or why are you no longer friends?
      • Seid ihr noch befreundet mit einem Freund aus eurer Schulzeit? Wie seid ihr in Kontakt geblieben oder warum seid ihr nicht mehr befreundet?
    • What is the hardest part about University life?
      • Was findet ihr am schwierigsten bei dem Uni Leben? 
    • Do you want to study outside the country? Where?
      • Möchtet ihr ins Ausland studieren? Wo? 


    1. Discussion Questions:
      • Have any of you attended a private school? What do you think of private schools?
        • Hat jemand von euch eine Privatschule besucht? Wie denkt ihr über Privatschulen?
      • If you had children, would you send your children to a private or pubic school?
        • Wenn ihr Kinder hätte, würdet ihr ihre Kinder auf eine Privatschule oder eine staatliche Schule schicken?

    End of activity

  • Read Can-Do statements once more and have students evaluate their confidence.
    (Use thumbs up/thumbs down)
  • Encourage students to be honest in their self-evaluation.
  • Pay attention, and try to use feedback for future activities!

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

  • I can express my opinions on the school system, university and professors.
  • I can reason through scenarios regarding school and university.
  • I can express my own experiences with the school system.

Cultural Notes:  Meet the Germans discuss the University System in Germany.  This is mostly  in English with German subtitles.

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